Baking didn’t become a passion of mine till I was twenty. Moving out of the house by 2018, I remember one of the first batches of cinnamon rolls I made: large, irregularly shaped, too doughy and too sweet, they dried out almost as soon as they were removed from the oven. Proud to make my favorite dessert though, I experimented with the recipe batch after batch after batch, considering the original the “rough draft” to my rendition.

It all clicked towards the end of 2020. I made a batch for a friends goodbye party one evening. Filling the house with the smell of cinnamon and brown sugar, my roommates’ fiancé continued telling me how wonderful they looked. Pleased by the compliment and feeling bad for torturing her with the smell, I serve her a cinnamon roll. I receive a text from her that evening and my first order was placed: two dozen cinnamon rolls for her wedding day breakfast.

Why "Classically Incredible?"

Classically Incredible Cinnamon Rolls birthed out of a desire to serve you the highest, most classic tasting Cinnamon Roll possible. It started with a recipe that evolved into a company, a recipe that went through years of trial and dozens of errors to bring you Excellence. What happened when Excellence Met Tradition? Classically Incredible happened.

Josh-Micaela Wedding
Classically Incredible (Light)